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Vendor Management

We have developed a secure device that may be installed directly into your server, allowing for a non-cloud version of our product with added security. Our product is generally designed not to retain tax returns scanned into the system or NPI long term. However, the onsite device may be configured to store information long term. The current process using cloud captures the data while you’re working and then deletes after a spread is generated, reducing the risk your data sits out on the cloud.  

We may utilize Amazon Cloud below to house, manage, and to back-up our software to provide you with the most cost effective and secure platform possible. We utilize encryption on all data stored as outlined in our agreement with you and review Soc Reports each year for changes. We require all clients to certify they have completed adequate due diligence regarding cloud storage and include methods for not storing designated NPI in Amazon at the user’s option. We partner with DocuSign to provide an easier method of completing an application fully digitally without the need to print and sign. Any user or client with a smart phone or device can capture electronic signatures instantly or opt for the E-Signature method via email delivery. DocuSign is an added service and we do not control vendors' pricing, platforms, or services. Please visit their resource center to understand how they store data and vet related controls.

We utilize AWS and Windows server services to control access to your system, reset passwords, and manage the login process. We can provide detail on our various encryption controls above those stated in the AWS Soc reports.


Amazon Soc 3 and FAQs

Current Soc 3 Reviewed

DocuSign Resource Center

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Sample Risk Assessment from our partner (request format at mailto:info@credalyzer.com)) if you need assistance with your vendor management.