D Features


No NPI in Cloud or Enhanced Due Dilligence

We can offer a cloud version, but why put your customer's tax returns in the cloud and add in the headache of piles of vendor due diligence. Unlike our competitors we provide a secure plug in device that is installed locally! Run the program in your browser without accessing over the cloud. The in-house solution eliminates the third-party sharing risks!

Cash Flow Made Easy

Turn a time consuming, repetitive, and costly process into a breeze! Our system may be used by the most experienced lender to your newest processor. RoboSpreads makes tax analysis easy with automated spreads with limited to no intervention required. Our helpful tool tips and side by side analysis will make any review process a simple as can be!

Training and Expert Service

Our software is supported by Edwards Thrash and Associates LLC an affiliate of EV Banking Solutions LLC with more than 30+ years in the financial consulting and auditing business for financial institutions. We will post helpful cash flow training videos, guides, and be available to answer your staff's questions! Our software does the heavy lifting, but if you need it, we are here!

Reduce Costs

Accounting firms and consultants can charge upwards anywhere from $100-$500 per spread and these costs become annual events for many commercial loans. Not to mention all the spreads paid for on deals that don't close. Even doing spreads in-house is not free of charge as it costs staff time, effort, and training to produce a similar spread as our platform can generate in seconds.

Faster Outputs

We may not be able to always produce a cash flow instantly due to image quality, but in cases where review is needed our system removes most of the work and provides an easy to review side-by-side analysis. We only let you adjust line items that effect cash flow, reducing review, and highlight areas our algorithms designed to catch and identify errors.

Credalyzer Interface

RoboSpreads is the only cash flow platform that will interface directly with our flagship software Credalzyer, the software making Fair Lending easy! See more about our sister product at credalyzer.com. Empower your lenders even more by interfacing with our consumer lending platform!