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Do we have to use the cloud version?

No, we offer a secure device that may be installed locally removing the need to use the over the internet solution. There is an additional cost for this service, but we seek to be accommodating towards clients who may be more risk adverse or hesitant when it comes to cloud storage. Clients who are unfamiliar with cloud security may want this option and a longer-term memory storage is available with this option.

Do my uploads and tax returns stay in the cloud on the online version?

No, we extract the required information from each file uploaded and allow your user to complete the spread. The system is not retaining copies of the tax returns and after a spread is generated you cannot go back and recall a new spread. However, generating a spread may take seconds. We offer an onsite version that will offer retention capabilities.

Will I need to edit the output or does the system automatically produce the spread?

UDAAP alert! If you see any competitors advertising this process as 100% accurate don't buy it!

We are improving the technology for this product every day but, due to the uncertainty of image quality of items uploaded, numbers may be transposed incorrectly or items may be excluded. The difference is our experts developed check digits and formulas designed to highlight with the highest possible accuracy any errors or schedules with issues. We created a side-by-side interface to help users easily correct errors or review output before placing in files. Our helpful tips and tutorials for subjects will assist even inexperienced staff work a spread with ease.

Best Case: system produces a spread with complete accuracy

Worst Case: system requires a user to review the interface for errors.

The worst case still results in a large reduction in the time one would have spent manually extracting numbers, creating a spread, and reviewing output.

How does this software compare to others?

We are unaware of any competitors with a similar product with our professional spin or geared towards the community bank, credit union, and small lender. However, if you find a better price on the market call us first as each one of us is empowered to make a deal.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC required for use. Download at https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/acrobat-pro.html


Our platform cash flow algorithms are developed by experienced financial institution consultants with more than 30 years of experience. We believe our solution calculates actual cash flow more accurately than our competitors. However, if you disagree, the system allows users to adjust with little effort.

Our system offers varying degrees of capability from fully automated to complete manual input. Our side-by-side analysis allows users to verify all entries and generate a spread within minutes.

Auto Feature: Our system will generate a cash flow within minutes as long as the image or PDF file was adequate for multiple years at a time. For best results, obtain an OCR file directly produced from Turbo Tax, H&R Block, or any other software generating a tax return in a PDF format. We reduce the amount of manual review to a minimum. Of course, our technology is always improving and review of spreads is recommended to ensure accuracy. However, many of the manual input process is removed and our side-by-side entry form guides your lenders to input knowing our formulas will determine cash flow.

Semi-Auto: Scanned in images from a paper copy of the return provide a less readable image file. Robospreads will pick up, input, and generate a spread based on all readable figures. The worse the scan quality is the more editing you may have to do to generate a spread. However, our input system only allows input of line items affecting cash flow. You can follow our screen-by-screen input to correctly perform cash flow analysis without lots of experience.

Manual: We provided the ability to manually enter the entire cash flow using our custom input sheets, which is the service offered by all our competitors. Our system empowers lenders to complete spreads as if the system could automatically input. We allow users to view tax returns on a split screen to more easily pick up numbers. We further empower lenders to pick up all additional schedules to be included in the cash flow (i.e.,K-1s, etc.), plus the ability to add in debt service. An upload feature is coming soon to add in K-1s automatically.