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We are much more than a software solution. We are a partner in your success!

Our Promise to You

We are a community supported group of financial consultant experts in the field of banking, deriving our strength from local lenders! We want your institution, whether a Community Bank, Credit Union, or other lender to maintain an edge over the competition. Our tax analysis software is designed with the user in mind to reduce time, increase efficiency and accuracy, and to reduce wasted time on training. Let our software reduce the time you spend in the file and increase the time you spend making deals! We promise to continue to work each and every day to improve our product, software, and spread of solutions to keep an edge over the competition.

Product Statement

We developed an innovative tax analysis platform that converts OCR compatible tax returns into a cash flow analysis statement. Users will upload tax information, and then our system reviews the data and automatically extracts out cash flow line items into an editable spreadsheet. We can save your staff hours in input, training, and analysis by generating an accurate tax return analysis for each customer. We know this technology may not be perfect right now, but our group has gone above and beyond to create specific algorithms with check digits to highlight possible errors in converting the forms. We also created a side-by-side analysis that will make reviewing the output easy with imbedded tool tips from professionals on completing the spread.  

Our professionals have performed thousands of cash flow spreads, converting tax returns into cash flow for lending purposes. We understand the time involved, the data, the training, and the rules. Our platform dramatically reduces this effort and COST by allowing any staff member the ability to run an accurate spread. We aim to reduce any involvement in the process, to turn an hour-long analysis to anywhere from a click of button to a quick review. We also recognize, as professionals, some decisions effecting cash flow such as long-term capital gains may require a review. Our system will flag items to be removed from consideration or run two versions without review, indicating the difference between both.

Our consultant team of experts has been working in the banking industry for more than 30 years with thousands of hours of audit, compliance, and IT experience. We built a solution to help your institution succeed, while staying up-to-date with the constantly changing regulatory environment.

Reduce the ever-increasing workload your staff faces by signing up with RoboSpreads to perform cash flow analysis with ease!